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Stronger Families = Stronger Community

Inspire to Rise was established in April 2018 by like-minded individuals in pursuit of sharing their passion for helping children, families, and individuals by offering comprehensive evidence-based and best practice services.  Their goal is to help inspire and holistically treat an individual’s heart, mind, and soul through actions and services that create an impact.  The team envisions a center with supportive resources for the local community in the best interest of children, families, and individuals in need.


The community where a family resides greatly determines the opportunities and constraints for their well-being.  When a family system cannot meet the needs for healthy growth; it is the desire of Inspire to Rise to meet those needs when possible and help make that community whole.  

The focus is to implement innovative strategies to rebuild and sustain an improved quality of life in the community, focusing on integrating those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues back into the community, addressing some of the needs of those struggling with poverty, reversing the effects of trauma on an individual and family, breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect, assisting with the personal growth of those we serve, and strengthening families.  Inspire to Rise will work diligently towards addressing the trauma and meeting the mental health, well-being, and personal growth of an individual and the entire family system.  Inspire to Rise will work tirelessly today in our local community for a better tomorrow!  The belief is Stronger Families = a Stronger Community.


To inspire and empower children, families, and individuals to rise, overcome, and shine through their most challenging moments in life to become their best self.

To build a comprehensive, wraparound, and full-service community center that helps to inspire children, families, and individuals address their individual trauma and family needs, and become their best self for themselves and for their families.

Inspire to Rise has a passion for serving others.  We want:

  • To share our services and resources with those in need.

  • To always demonstrate our compassion, kindness, and respect to those we serve.

  • To empower children, families, and individuals with courage, patience, guidance, wisdom, and strength to overcome their challenges.

  • To ensure the safety, stability, well-being, and personal growth of the individuals we serve in the community.

  • To create collaborative partnerships with other community agencies to enhance the supportive services offered to the children, families, and individuals we serve.

  • To inspire children, families, and individuals to rise and become their best self.




  • Everyone desires and deserves respect.

  • Everyone needs to be heard.

  • Everyone has strengths.

  • There is no room for judgement.

  • Partnership is a process.

  • Families / individuals are experts about themselves.

  • Families / individuals and community members should be

      partners in determining solutions and making decisions.

  • We must honor a family or individual's culture and traditions.

  • We must encourage family-to-family and peer supports.

  • We will support youth as they transition into adulthood.

  • We will help everyone that is in search of help, inspiration,

      kindness, education, and personal growth.

Our Family-Centered Guiding Principles

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