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Services Offered - Making Big Changes with Small Actions

Inspire to Rise, Inc. is a charitable organization focused on holistically helping make the community a little better, happier, and healthier place.  We Inspire individuals to become their best self for themselves and for their families.


Inspiring through Community Behavioral Health Services 

Psychiatric Services, Evaluation & Medication Management, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples / Marriage Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, & RISE Program:  Service Coordination, Individual Substance Abuse Psychotherapy, Intervention Psychosocial Rehabilitation Classes, & Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment.


Inspiring through Community Education

Parenting Education: Individual Parenting, & Group Parenting, Coached & Traditional Supervised Visitation Services, Tutoring Services, Life Skills Education Classes, Safety Plan Support Services, & INSPIRED Youth Day Respite Program.


Inspiring through Community Services

Service & Resource Connections; Access Benefit Applications; Inspire to Rise, Inc. - Healthy Start Services; The Sammy Project, a Substance-Exposed Newborn Prevention Program; Community Partnership Outreach & Harm Reduction Support Services & RISE Family Services, a multidisciplinary child welfare prevention program.



Inspiring through the Arts​

Tamika's School of Epicure - Youth Cooking Class, Yoga4Change, & a community garden.

Inspiring through Mentorship

Assigning positive peer support specialists to the children and families we serve.

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Inspire to Rise, Inc. will ensure referred children, families, and individuals have immediate access to a comprehensive array of services, supports, and interventions that feature ongoing risk assessment and safety management.  The services can be provided by the program for a period up to 6 to 12 months or more, as requested and needed by the family, individual, and/or referral source. 


Every child, family, and individual served will be given an individualized service / treatment plan that clearly defines the needs and services that will best benefit the family.  The service / treatment plan and services are designed to help collaboratively engage, assess, and direct the child, family, and/or individual in a healthy way with integrated care to treat behavioral health needs, substance abuse issues, and enhance caregiver protective capacities.  It is aimed to not only stabilize crisis situations which put children at risk for out-of-home placement, but also to prevent further risks to individuals and families. 


Inspire to Rise’s service programs share the responsibility of the child, family, or individual’s safety, stability, well-being, and growth.  The team approach to service delivery engages the child, family, and/or individual with ongoing community services and individuals who are willing to make an investment in the family.  This shift allows the child, family, or individual and the community to take ownership and responsibility, and promotes empowerment, not dependency.  Therefore, the impact of Inspire to Rise continues even when the community center is no longer involved.


Services Offered - How We Do It

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