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Our Strength is Collaboration

Protective factors are conditions or attributes in individuals, families, communities, or the larger society that mitigate or eliminate risk in families and communities, thereby increasing the health and well-being of children and families.  Protective factors are commonly referred to as social determinants of health.

There is strength in unity, and collaborative partnerships with stakeholders who also have a vested interest in seeing their local community thrive is the key to the success of the ITR Community Center model and the Community Partnership initiative.  This collaborative partnership and holistic approach to healing and uplifting families provides participants additional wraparound, concrete supports, educational opportunities, and family functioning and resiliency supports to the children, families, and individuals’ we serve.  At the ITR Community Center, we address all six (6) protective factors and offer the following support services:


Concrete Supports

Access benefit applications; resource connection; DESC food, clothes, and rental assistance services; JFCS & Community Health Outreach’s food pantries and Baby Love program; Diaper Bank of Northeast Florida, Community Coalition Alliance - Dispose Rx, Department of Health Condoms, Presbyterian Social Services, & Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department (JFRD) Narcan Kits.


Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

ITR’s evidence-based parenting education services, Healthy Start Educational Classes, Healthy Start’s Fatherhood PRIDE Parenting Classes, Planned Parenthood’s FLASH Classes, homework-help and tutoring services, early childhood learning resources, Early Steps evaluations, & respite services.



Nurturing & Attachment

Community activities, parenting education, visitation services, and respite services. 

Social Supports

Community events, music, art, pilates, support groups, NA / AA meetings, peer support specialists, spiritual supports (church), psychosocial rehabilitation classes, and respite services.


Social & Emotional Competence of Children

ITR Community Behavioral Health services, teen psychosocial rehabilitation, teen support groups, Planned Parenthood’s FLASH Classes, life skills, UF Shands Extension Office Nutrition classes,  BBVA financial literacy class, health checkups, homework help, spiritual support, music, EA Dance Company hip hop dance, pilates, & A Write to Change Youth Movement Spoken Word / Poetry Class.


Family Functioning and Parental Resiliency

ITR Community Behavioral Health services, psychosocial rehabilitation, Outpatient Treatment & Intervention, Healing Roots support groups, parenting education, life skills, Drug Free Duval, CAN Community Health, Volunteers in Medicine, Agape Community Health, BBVA financial literacy, etc.

Through this multi-pronged approach, we will collaboratively work to change community context, and provide the needed resources, services, and support to our most vulnerable populations impacted by substance misuse, mental health, child abuse and neglect, and trauma.

Our United Impact

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