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Jacksonville, FL, September 13, 2019 – Inspire to Rise, Inc. announced today that it was recently awarded a grant from The Partnership: for Mental Health, a project of Baptist Health and the Delores Barr Weaver Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. The grant in the amount of $50,000 will be used to fund a position to coordinate behavioral health education and prevention activities. This grant will support the Community Education Director position. The Community Education Director facilitates and coordinates all of the educational, wellness, psycho-social rehabilitation, and peer support services to enrich the traditional community behavioral health services being provided to the children, families and individuals we serve. In addition to coordinating services, the Community Education Director will also provide trainings when no other independent contractor, volunteer, or community partner is available.

Inspire to Rise, Inc. (ITR) works to address a family or individual’s diminished protective capacities by providing fully engaging, intensive, family-centered, strength-based, evidence-based, and solution-focused treatment through an array of available services at the ITR campus, at home, in jail, and/or in the community. ITR ensures referred children, families, and individuals have immediate access to a comprehensive array of services, concrete supports, resource connections, and interventions that feature ongoing safety and risk assessment provided by either one of ITR’s programs and/or a community partner.

Aida Seeraj, Inspire to Rise Inc., Founder & Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are unbelievably grateful for this grant and collaborative partnership! With this grant from The Partnership: for Mental Health, we will be able to continue the vision of building a comprehensive, wraparound, and full-service community center that helps to inspire children, families and individuals address their individual trauma and family needs, and become their best self for themselves and for their families. There are not enough words to say thank you for your support!”

“We are delighted that Inspire to Rise has opened on the west side of Jacksonville to serve that community. Convenient access to services, particularly mental health care, is critical to our community’s health and well-being,” said Melanie Patz, Baptist Health Vice President of Community Investment and Impact.

About Inspire to Rise, Inc.

Inspire to Rise, Inc. is a charitable organization focused on holistically helping make the community a little better, happier, and healthier place. We Inspire to help individuals Rise to become their best self.

 Inspiring through Community Behavioral Health Services.

 Inspiring through Community Education.

 Inspiring through Community Services.

 Inspiring through the Arts.

 Inspiring through Mentorship.

Inspire to Rise, Inc. was established in April 2018 by like-minded individuals in pursuit of sharing their passion for helping children, families, and individuals by offering comprehensive evidence-based and best practice services. Their goal is to help inspire and holistically treat an individual’s heart, mind, and soul through small actions and services that create a great impact. The ITR community center is full with supportive resources for the local community in the best interest of children, families, and individuals in need.

The community where a family resides greatly determines the opportunities and constraints for their well-being. At ITR, we hope to meet those needs when possible to help make that family and community stronger. The focus is to rebuild and sustain an improved quality of life in the community, focusing on:

 Integrating those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues back into the community,

 Addressing & reversing the effects of trauma,

 Serving as a resource center promoting protective factors,

 Breaking the cycle of child abuse & neglect,

 Addressing some of the needs of those struggling with poverty,

 Assisting with the personal growth & overall wellness of those we serve, and

 Strengthening families.

For additional information about Inspire to Rise, Inc., please contact us at or by calling 1-844-WE-RISE-1 (1-844-937-4731).

About The Partnership: For Mental Health

The Partnership: For Mental Health is a project of Baptist Health and the Delores Barr Weaver Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. The intention of this innovative project, recommended by Delores Barr Weaver, is to encourage joint learning and make strategic grants to strengthen and improve access to the system that provides mental and behavioral health care in Northeast Florida. The fund will consider proposals made by 501c3 nonprofit organizations throughout the year that address direct service, advocacy, awareness, training and more. For more information about The Partnership: For Mental Health, see

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In celebration of the new school year; Inspire to Rise is hosting a back to school celebration and block party at the Inspire to Rise Center! We are focused on holistically helping make the community a little better, happier, and healthier place.

Come join us for an afternoon of music, food, FREE family fun, FREE backpacks (while supplies last), books, & sports physicals!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors & Partners:

Title Sponsor: Florida BlueCommunity Center Partners: Providence Christian Fellowship, Agape Community Health Center, Inc., and Victorious Church!

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