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Free Health Clinic, Volunteers in Medicine, Expanding Services & Partnering with Inspire to Rise!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020


Today, 09/25/19, Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) announced that for the first time in their 16 year history, they are expanding their services to another location! Last night, the City Council approved $97,871 for VIM to expand to a 2 a day clinic located on the Inspire to Rise, Inc. campus. Special thanks to Council members Michael Boylan and Ron Salem for their support and vision to expand services for the working uninsured! Inspire to Rise is located in 32210 which has the highest ER Utilization Rate. In addition, this is where a majority of our current patients live. We look forward to improving access to care for these citizens! Learn more by watching this video that FOX30/CBS47 Studios created for us.

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