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New RISE Substance Abuse Program Services

Subject: RE: Inspire to Rise, Inc. - December 2020 Announcements - New RISE Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment & Intervention Services

Good afternoon, Community Providers and Families.

Happy Tuesday! We are excited to announce that Inspire to Rise, Inc. is now officially licensed as a substance abuse treatment provider for Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, General Intervention, and Case Management Services! Our program is called the RISE Program.

  • The RISE Program: Using the recovery-oriented system of care model; the goal of the RISE Program services is to adhere to the treatment / interventions which are person-centered and evidence-based while promoting individual recovery and resilience, so the individual can be an active participant in their life, family, and in the community.

Best Part for You: The best part of this for providers is that LSF Health System has made dollars available for certain uninsured and underinsured adult participants that qualify based on income. As you send in referrals, we will go through the qualification process with each individual at initial intake. For those that qualify, there will be no charge to the agency.

We also accept the following Medicaid plans for this service: Straight Medicaid, Children’s Medical Services, Wellcare, Staywell, and Magellan.


For questions or more information, please call 1-844-WE-RISE-1 (1-844-937-4731) or email: We look forward to continuing to work with you and the families you serve!

Respectfully Submitted,

Aida Seeraj, MBA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Inspire to Rise Inc.

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