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Tobacco & COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Dear Community Partners and Friends:

We are writing to share information that we hope will help you or someone you care about. We’ve partnered with public health experts in Northeast Florida to raise awareness of the connection between tobacco use and COVID-19---as well as free resources to help people quit tobacco.

Early research suggests smokers who become infected with COVID-19 may be at higher risk for serious health complications. We also know that using e-cigarettes can increase your odds of developing respiratory disease by 95%. Quitting tobacco has always saved lives. But today, it may save even more lives.

Visit to access free tools and services for quitting or to learn more about tobacco use and COVID-19. For tips on how to talk with kids about vaping, please visit this blog.

We hope you will join us in sharing this important information with others and the families you serve. Click the link below to get started. Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Aida Seeraj, MBA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Inspire to Rise Center

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